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Inspector Morse: The Settling of the Sun (S2EP3 ITV 15 Mar 1988, Robert Stephens)



Picture of Inspector Morse The Settling of the Sun.

The Settling of the Sun: Oxford is shocked when a a Japanese student dies in what seems to be a brutal ritual killing. Then Morse finds he has unwittingly given all his suspects a watertight alibi.

Cast: John Thaw (Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse), Kevin Whately (Detective Sergeant Lewis), Peter Woodthorpe (Max), Anna Calder-Marshall, Robert Stephens, Derek Fowlds, Robert Lang, Philip Middlemiss, Avis Bunnage, Amanda Burton, Eji Kusuhara, Tim Barker, Llewellyn Rees, Blue Macaskill, Ellis Van Maar, Ian McCurrach, Jack Ellis, Kenneth Hadley, Gordon Kennedy, Michael Goldie, Elizabeth Kettle, Basienka Blake

Writer: Charles Wood / Director: Peter Hammond

Original Airdate: 15 Mar 1988 on ITV
Series: Inspector Morse Season 2 Episode 3