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Inspector Morse: The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (S1EP2 ITV 13 Jan 1987, Barbara Flynn)



Picture of Inspector Morse The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn.

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn: Someone at Oxford’s Foreign Examination Syndicate is selling exam secrets. Nicholas Quinn, a member of the board, overhears something he shouldn’t know about and is soon found dead at his cottage, poisoned with cyanide – but Nicholas was deaf. Then crossword compiler Philip Ogleby has his skull smashed in. During his investigations, Morse is attracted to Monica Height. She works for the Syndicate and may be mixed up in the corruption which led to Quinn’s murder, and perhaps to Ogleby’s as well.

Cast: John Thaw (Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse), Kevin Whately (Detective Sergeant Lewis), Peter Woodthorpe (Max), Barbara Flynn, Michael Gough, Clive Swift, Frederick Treves, Roger Lloyd Pack, Phil Nice, Anthony Smee, Julie Neubert, Elspet Gray, Philip Voss, Arthur Cox, Gabrielle Blunt, Angela Barlow, Denyse Alexander, Stefan Schwartz, Saul Reichlin, Diana Blackburn, Malcolm Mudie, Hugh Evans, Kate O’Connell

Writer: Julian Mitchell / Director: Brian Parker

Original Airdate: 13 Jan 1987 on ITV
Series: Inspector Morse Season 1 Episode 2