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Inspector Morse: The Sins of the Fathers (S4EP2 ITV 10 Jan 1990, Lionel Jeffries)



Picture of Inspector Morse The Sins of the Fathers.

The Sins of the Fathers: Morse investigates the murder of Trevor Radford, managing director of the family-owned Radford’s Brewery, who was attacked and killed while working late. Morse becomes immersed in the implications of a hostile take-over bid by another company. Then Helen Radford goes to the brewery to look for her missing husband Stephen and finds him also murdered.

Cast: John Thaw (Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse), Kevin Whately (Detective Sergeant Lewis), John Bird, Isabel Dean, Lisa Harrow, Lionel Jeffries, Alex Jennings, Betty Marsden, Paul Shelley, Kim Thomson, Simon Slater, Andy Bradford, Trevor Martin, Paul Mooney, Kamilla Blanche, Jean Ainslie, Noel Johnson, John Golightly, Bernard Brown, San Lee, Maggie Wilkinson, Liz Kettle

Writer: Jeremy Burnham / Director: Peter Hammond

Original Airdate: 10 Jan 1990 on ITV
Series: Inspector Morse Season 4 Episode 2