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Inspector Morse: Who Killed Harry Field? (S5EP3 ITV 13 Mar 1991, John Castle)



Picture of Inspector Morse Who Killed Harry Field?.

Who Killed Harry Field?: An artist, fun-loving drinker and raconteur, Harry Field seems like a man after Morse’s own heart. But when Morse and Lewis investigate his mysterious death, they discover that he was not such a lovable rogue.

Cast: John Thaw (Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse), Kevin Whately (Detective Sergeant Lewis), James Grout (Chief Superintendent Strange), Trevor Byfield, John Castle, Geraldine James, Nicola Cowper, Andy Mulligan, Philip Locke, Ronald Pickup, Jeremy Clyde, Freddie Jones, Steven Payne, Helena Lymbery, Sean Cranitch, David Belcher, Maureen Bennett, Vania Vilers, Veronica Lang, Dicken Ashworth, Anna Patrick, Stephen Grothgar, Brian Lipson

Writer: Geoffrey Case / Director: Colin Gregg

Original Airdate: 13 Mar 1991 on ITV
Series: Inspector Morse Season 5 Episode 3