It’s Murder. But Is It Art?: Mr Drake Asks Questions (S1EP5 BBC Two 20 Apr 1972, Arthur Howard)



Mr Drake Asks Questions: Investigating the murder of Tina Kent at great risk to himself, Mister Drake is now faced with a second untimely death. But Inspector Hook is still stubbornly convinced that Brigadier Binghop is the killer.

Regular Cast: Arthur Lowe (Phineas Drake), Arthur Howard (Sillitoe), Dudley Foster (Inspector Hook), Anthony Sagar (Detective Sergeant Watson), John Nolan (Brian Gower)

Guest Cast: Vicki Woolf (Helen Hunter), Philip Dunbar (Tony Holland), Howard Lang (Chief Constable), Sheila Keith (Mrs MacPherson), Christopher Owen (Julian Tomkin), John Charnley, Paul Thompson, Ralph Arliss

Airdate: 20 Apr 1972 on BBC Two Two

Series: It’s Murder. But Is It Art? Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Comedy thriller serial. Phineas Drake, an amateur detective, investigates the murder of a young woman.

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