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Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast: Amir Khan (S8EP2 Channel 4 Fri 15 Jan 2021)



Friday Night Feast Season Five

Amir Khan: Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty are joined by two-time world boxing champion Amir Khan, and recreate the favourite dish of Muhammad Ali. Having tracked down Ali’s personal chef, together they take time out to make the delicious rack of lamb, scalloped potatoes and collard greens that the boxing legend enjoyed every week, bringing Amir closer to his hero through food. Jamie pushes the boat out with his Malaysian-inspired sea bass cooked in a beautiful fresh banana leaf and served with jasmine rice, rainbow salad and a chilli pickle, and Jimmy serves up some quick quesadillas that will impress even at short notice.

Airdate: Fri 15 Jan 2021 at 8.00pm on Channel 4

Season 8 Episode 2