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Jamie’s Easy Christmas Part One (Channel 4 Tuesday 6 December 2022)



Jamie's Easy Christmas

Today Tuesday 6 December 2022 the show Jamie’s Easy Christmas airs a new episode called Part One.

With some incredible, simple dishes to get us all through the holiday season, from party menus to the main course of Christmas dinner itself, Jamie Oliver welcomes Christmas 2022. Jamie prepares some easy, fuss-free dishes for us to try in this episode, including crispy duck and noodles, short rib beef, veggie filo pie, and a rich dessert.

Dir: Ed St Giles; Series Prod: Katie Millard; Exec Prod: Samantha Beddoes; Prod Co: Jamie Oliver Productions


Today, Tuesday 6 December 2022, the episode Part One airs at 8.00pm on Channel 4.

Season 1 Episode 1

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4