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Jamie’s Super Foods Season Finale (Channel 4 19 Oct 2015)



AIRDATE: Monday 19 October 2015 at 8.00m on Channel 4
Season 1 Episode 7 (of 7)In this final programme of the series, Jamie pulls together some of the key lessons he’s learned from the diets of some of the healthiest people in the world. In Costa Rica’s stunning Nicoya peninsula, he learns the importance of enjoying the simple things in life from a group of local fisherman as well as the benefits of adding hero ingredient fruit into classic recipes.

On the beautiful Greek island of Ikaria, he discovers that adding a handful of nuts might boost longevity. And on the Japanese island of Okinawa, he finds out how locals treat food as medicine. Bringing what he’s learnt back to the UK, Jamie creates some super-nutritious and delicious meals. There’s pork and apple sauce, glazed carrots, brown rice and greens; Asian crispy beef, noodles and salad; and a healthy curried fish stew with a spicy kick.

Series Dir: Martha Delap; Series Prod: Chloe Court; Exec Prod: Nicola Pointer; Prod Co: Fresh One Productions



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