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Jason King: A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer (S1EP16 ITV Wed 9 Feb 1972, with Kate O’Mara)



A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer: The King becomes a pawn in a revolution – but does he really hold the key to the secret both sides are seeking so desperately? Why should the Government of a South American republic be so anxious to get Jason King to its country?

guest cast
Damien Thomas as Phillippe
Roger Lloyd Pack as Radio Operator
Ricardo Hermanny as Ramón
Marc Zuber as Policeman
Hylette Adolphe as Estelle
Ricardo Montez as García
Aharon Ipalé as Pedro
Patrick Westwood as Menendez
Stanley Lebor as Miguel
Maurice Roëves as Riguera
Alex Scott as Rodriguez
Kate O’Mara as Delphi Mercia
Clifford Evans as Cordoba

Writer: Gerald Kelsey
Director: Cyril Frankel

Airdate: Wednesday 9 February 1972

Season 1, Episode 16

Series: Jason King