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Jason King: A Page Before Dying (S1EP2 ITV 22 Sep 1971, with Philip Madoc)



A Page Before Dying: A Jason King novel describing how a man is smuggled across the East-West German border lands its author in a danger-loaded espionage plot!

guest cast
Jenny Lee-Wright as First Girl
Dennis Price as Sir Brian
Carl Duering as Lanik
Harry Landis as Vorsch
Roy Patrick as German Police Officer
Madeline Hinde as Ingrid
Richard Wyler as Jenson
Henry G. Gilbert as Schultz
Michael Sheard as The Electrician
Ronald Lacey as Ryland
Philip Madoc as Hoffman
Olaf Pooley as Gorini

Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Jeremy Summers

Airdate: 22 September 1971

Season 1, Episode 2

Series: Jason King