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Jason King: All That Glisters Part 1 (S1EP9 ITV Wed 8 Dec 1971, with Madeline Smith)



All That Glisters Part 1: A rare and valuable golden Cellini is stolen – and the debonair Jason King find his love life interrupted seven thousand miles away.

guest cast
Michael Gwynn as Vaturia
Paul Humpoletz as Well
Tony Vogel as Enzio
Billy Kearns as Lyman
Leslie French as Deshfield
Madeline Smith as Jonquil
Joanna Dunham as Martine
Anton Rodgers as Phillipe De Brion
Clinton Greyn as John Mallen
Lee Patterson as Frankie Luca

Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Cyril Frankel

Airdate: Wednesday 8 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 9

Series: Jason King