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Jason King: As Easy as A B C (S1EP6 ITV Wed 11 Nov 1971, with Yutte Stensgaard)



As Easy as A B C: A couple of crooks try to turn fiction into fact by copying the crimes created by Jason King in his Mark Caine books. But can they overcome the fact that Caine always wins?

guest cast
Ray Marioni as Dino
Larry Taylor as Luigi
Peter Hager as German Police Officer
Paul Stassino as Capitano Rizio
Hamilton Dyce as Chief Inspector Poroa
Ayshea Brough as Mirelle
Yutte Stensgaard as Arlene
Michael Bates as Edward
Nigel Green as Charles

Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Jeremy Summers

Airdate: Thursday 11 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 6

Series: Jason King