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Jason King: Buried in the Cold, Cold Ground (S1EP3 ITV Wed 6 Oct 1971, with Jane Lapotaire)



Buried in the Cold, Cold Ground: It’s always a chancy business to give a lift in a car to a pretty girl hitch-hiker and even chancier to give one to a released prisoner. Jason King finds the plot for his next Mark Caine novel when he does so!

guest cast
Irena Mayeska as Marie Mercier
Violetta as Sister Of Mercy
Peter King as Man In Saloon Car
Michael McStay as Gendarme
Maggie Wright as Dana
Jane Lapotaire as French Maid
Simon Lack as Inspector Maziol
Lyn Ashley as Zoe Ballard
Reg Lye as Mistral
Lewis Fiander as Lanz
Gary Raymond as Sandro
Frederick Jaeger as Dacre
Michele Dotrice as Felicity

Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Jeremy Summers

Airdate: Wednesday 6 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 3

Series: Jason King