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Jason King: If It’s Got to Go – It’s Got to Go (S1EP17 ITV Wed 16 Feb 1972, with Yootha Joyce)



If It’s Got to Go – It’s Got to Go: A visit to a German health farm proves to be far from healthy for Jason King. But why has he been tricked into going there?

guest cast
Gerard Heinz as Hotel Manager
Anna Brett as Suzanne
John Sullivan as Attendant
Jon Croft as Morgan
Ivor Salter as Lork
George Benson as Gym Instructor
Bridget Armstrong as Young Nurse
Natasha Pyne as Nylene
Jennifer Hilary as Myra Borgen
John Le Mesurier as Doctor Litz
Felix Aylmer as Doctor Wilstein
Yootha Joyce as Sister Dryker
Guy Deghy as Inspector Gruman

Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Cyril Frankel

Airdate: Wednesday 16 February 1972

Season 1, Episode 17

Series: Jason King