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Jason King: To Russia – with Panache (S1EP7 ITV Wed 17 Nov 1971, with Stefan Gryff)



To Russia – with Panache: Jason King is abducted to Moscow to unravel the mystery of three men who have been turned into three tidy piles of ashes. He creates his own Phoenix.

guest cast
John Malcolm as Colonel Kolkov
Wally Michaels as Joseph
Michael Poole as Stavalov
Gabor Vernon as Skirnof
Jeffrey Wickham as Povokov
Stefan Gryff as Krosnic
Elizabeth Counsell as Anna Brenskaja
Andrea Allan as The Tall Girl
Milton Reid as Janis
Richard Marner as Markovitch
Tutte Lemkow as Kivich
Pamela Salem as Alexandra Lanova
Timothy Craven as Mavitch

Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Paul Dickson

Airdate: Wednesday 17 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 7

Series: Jason King