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Jason King: Variations On A Theme (S1EP5 ITV Wed 20 Oct 1971, with Alexandra Bastedo)



Variations On A Theme: Vienna – city of song. But the song has a sinister note for Jason King when rival factions seek to use him as bait to trap a double-agent. Alan Keeble is dead. Or so his girl-friend Greta Weiss believes.

guest cast
Walter Hertner as Hoffman
Basil Dignam as Viney
Sebastian Breaks as Hazell
Colin Vancao as Croupier
Will Knightley as Waiter
Eric Pohlmann as Kolkov
Ralph Bates as Alan Keeble
Alexandra Bastedo as Alexandra
Adrian Hall as Bell Boy
Magda Konopka as Greta Weiss
Julian Glover as John
Michael David as Dischev
Janos Kurucz as Balenov

Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Cyril Frankel

Airdate: Wednesday 20 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 5

Series: Jason King