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Jason King: Wanna Buy a Television Series (S1EP1 ITV 15 Sep 1971, with Anna Palk)



Wanna Buy a Television Series: When Jason King sets out to sell a series of Mark Caine novels for television, he finds adventure isn’t a saleable commodity.

guest cast
Derek Francis as Umberto Bellini
Ronald Chenery as Kyriacou
Andre Maranne as Inspector Rosseau
James Donnelly as Frank Calder
George Innes as Gerard
Anna Palk as Michele Andre
James Warwick as Litchfield
Anne Aston as Nurse
David Bauer as Harry Carmel
Nicholas Courtney as Dr. Straymam

Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Jeremy Summers

Airdate: 15 September 1971

Season 1, Episode 1

Series: Jason King