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Jekyll and Hyde Episode 4 (ITV 15 Nov 2015 with Sinéad Cusack)



AIRDATE: Sunday 15th November 2015 at 7.00pm on ITV

Season 1 Episode 4

Cast: Tom Bateman, Sinéad Cusack, Richard E. Grant, Donald Sumpter,

The series follows the exploits of Dr Robert Jekyll (Tom Bateman), grandson to Stevenson’s original doctor and heir to the Jekyll family curse. Like his grandfather before him, Robert is prone to transforming into a being of superhuman ability.

In episode four, having learned that his grandmother Maggie (Sinéad Cusack) has sepsis, Robert works tirelessly alongside Lily (Stephanie Hyam) and Garson (Donald Sumpter) to develop a cure.

Fortunately, Garson makes a chance discovery that reveals that Hyde’s blood contains antibiotics which could be the key to saving Maggie’s life. Meanwhile, Captain Dance (Enzo Cilenti) and Bulstrode (Richard E Grant) are locked in a game of cat and mouse as they continue to pursue Hyde. The two collide when Dance captures Robert in an attempt to convince him to join forces as legend has decreed that only Hyde can help him to resurrect the demonic Lord Trash. Robert, however, is not so keen on the idea.



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