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Judge John Deed: Everyone’s Child (S2EP4 BBC-1 19 Dec 2002, with Charlie Cox)



Everyone’s Child: Deed has to give judgement in a court battle between a child and his parents. Jason Powell (who is represented by Jo Mills) has heart disease, and the doctors say his only hope of life is in a heart transplant – but he refuses to agree to the operation. His parents want the court to rule against an interim injunction supporting Jason, who clearly understands the risks he faces and who has a good legal case to decide for himself.

His parents, Mel and Andy, plead for the heart transplant, and Deed lifts the injunction… but then Jason dies on the operating table, after spending his last moments pleading with the surgeons not to go against his wishes… Meanwhile, Deed’s own life is running no more smoothly. Both he and Jo are accused of serious misconduct when she spends the night in his chambers…

Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills QC
Pinky Amador as Newscaster
James Barron as Mr. Johnson
Robert Beach as Nurse North
Charlie Cox as Young Vicar
Nick Deigman as Mark Mills
Mike Dowling as Foreman
Eileen Dunwoodie as Sister Quinn
Michael Eaves as Brian Harrison
William Ely as Brian Payne
David Ericsson as Dr. Adam Graceman
Jack Fortune as Malcolm Evans
David Griffith as Peter Bushnell
Gregor Henderson Begg as David ‘Dwarf’ Lavender

Director: Andy Hay

Airdate: 19 December 2002

Season 2, Episode 4



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