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Judge John Deed: Exacting Justice (Pilot BBC-1 9 Jan 2001, with Colin Salmon)



Exacting Justice (Pilot): Deed presides over the murder trial of Maurice Hart, a black defendant who shot and killed the driver of a van which ran over and killed Hart’s daughter in a hit and run accident. At the same time, the judge is keen to investigate Hart’s attractive defence counsel more closely, and he also jousts over the case with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police at a London fencing club.

Of course, Deed undertakes these misdemeanours against his professional code in supposedly good causes. These include helping his student daughter Charlie to protest against genetically modified crops (and springing her from the cells when she is arrested) and working out how to free his vigilante defendant.

Victor Romero Evans as Maurice Haart
Steven Osborne as Alex Redburn
Steven Elliot as Sergeant Bridges (as Steven Elliott)
Doug Bradley as Inspector Lannon
Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
David Sibley as Paul Frant
Martin Reeve as Mike Peters
Colin Salmon as Willy Radcliff
Barbara Thorn as Rita ‘Coop’ Cooper
David Norman as Stephen Ashurst (as Dave Norman)
Louisa Clein as Charlie Deed
Tom Harper as Rory Brown
T.R. Bowen as Mr. Justice Michael Nivan (as Trevor Bowen)
Tim Munro as Norman Children
Lisa Millett as Jury Forewoman (as Lisa Millet)
Dominic Jephcott as Simon Dymock
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills QC
Doreene Blackstock as Defence Solicitor
Jonathan Coy as David Stafford-Clark QC
Caroline Langrishe as Georgina Channing QC
Brian Capron as Bob Wheldon
Liberty Mosse as Junior Barrister
Donald Sinden as Sir Joseph Channing
Christopher Ellison as Mike Briggs (as Chris Ellison)
Steve Sarossy as Photographer
Michael Fenton Stevens as Vice-Chancellor (as Michael Fenton-Stevens)
Sarah Crook as Female Detective
Christopher Cazenove as Row Colemore
Alexis Rodney as Protester
Helen Hobson as Jane
Steven Dykes as Paul Reid
Parminder Nagra as Ishbel McDonald
Julia Marsen as Dr. Paula Dundas
Raad Rawi as Dr. Eugene Baldichino
Nasser Memarzia as Mark Moriarty (Juror)
Joanna Hole as Juror
Noel Clarke as Adam (uncredited)
Ruel Rowe as Protestor (uncredited)
San Shella as Josh Arditti (uncredited)

Director: Alrick Riley
Writer: G.F. Newman

Airdate: 9 January 2001



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