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Judge John Deed: Hidden Agenda (S1EP4 BBC-1 17 Dec 2001, with Lynsey Baxter)



Hidden Agenda: Deed presides over a murder trial. An old man suffering from cancer died from a morphine overdose, and his attractive young woman doctor has been charged with murder, on the accusation of the dead man’s niece. The doctor is acquitted, following a patholigist’s evidence that the cause of death was beta blockers in the medication building up in the old man’s liver, so the increase in dose from 50mg to 200mg had not affected the outcome… But then the doctor comes to Deed and confesses that she intended to kill her patient. When the Lord Chancellor’s Department gets wind of this development, they suggest Deed was sleeping with the doctor – but with Jo’s help, he is able to neutralize this threst.

Lynsey Baxter as Dr. Helena Bellew
Meryl Hampton as Maureen Taylor
Richard Hope as Peter Taylor
Sam Parks as Alan Turner
Louisa Clein as Charlie Deed
Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
Barbara Thorn as Rita ‘Coop’ Cooper
Oliver Cotton as Maurice Phillips QC
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills QC
Christopher Coote as Matthew Hall
Madeleine Worrall as Kate Rankin
Ronnie McCann as Steve Sarasy
Kay Curran as Joly Lyon
Patrick Marlowe as Mike – Paperserver
Sara Mair-Thomas as Dr. Sally Davis
Peter Stockbridge as Eddie Deed
Jenny McCracken as Alice Deed
Jeff Mirza as Dr. Wahid
T.R. Bowen as Sir Michael Nivan
Ramon Tikaram as Adam Parsons
Nicola Dewdney as Karen Wort
Belinda Peters as Social Worker
Serge Soric as Dr. Bevac Medalovich
Matyelok Gibbs as Dr. Margot Briones
Roisin Holden as Policewoman
Michael Eaves as Brian Harrison
Fraser James as Laurence James
Sarah Flind as Dr. Gail Smith
Dave Norman as Stephen Ashurst
Simon Chandler as Sir Ian Rochester
Christopher Ashley as Dr. Desmond Capstick
Donald Sinden as Sir Joseph Channing
James Barron as Mr. Johnson

Director: Jane Powell
Writer: G.F. Newman

Airdate: 17 December 2001

Season 1, Episode 4



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