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Judge John Deed: Nobody’s Fool (S2EP3 BBC-1 12 Dec 2002, with Eddie Marsan)



Nobody’s Fool: Deed rekindles his old love affair with Francesca Rochester, and at first he fails to notice that she is making use of him in a struggle with her dotty aunt for power over a property and publishing empire. Francesca’s husband Ian and another enemy set out to undermine the Judge’s credibility, aiming to have him removed from office.

In court, Deed is busy presiding over a murder trial in which a young lawyer and his brother and sister are charged with conspiring with a burglar to kill their parents. Meanwhile, the judge’s student daughter Charlie has got herself pregnant by a married lecturer at her college. Charlie’s mother persuades her to have an abortion, which Deed is against, but he finds out about it too late. We discover that Deed bitterly regrets Jo’s decision years before to abort his own child.

Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills QC
James Barron as Mr. Johnson
T.R. Bowen as Sir Micheal Nivan
Patricia Carswell as Patricia Kneal
Sara Carver as Merigo Henderson
Christopher Cazenove as DAC Row Colemore
Simon Chandler as Sir Ian Rochester
Louisa Clein as Charlie Deed
Michael Eaves as Brian Harrison
David Griffith as Peter Bushnell
Ricci Harnett as Kevin Helyer
Kiran Hocking as Dr. Schindler
Michael J. Jackson as Chief Inspector Skinns
Fraser James as Laurence James
Dermot Keaney as Tim Ball
Simone Lahbib as Carol Hayman
Caroline Langrishe as Georgia Channing
Simon Lockhart as Dock Officer
Jane Lowe as Mary Hay
Eddie Marsan as Ed Hay
Amy Marston as Darina Hay
Neil May as Detective Constable
Colin McFarlane as Mason Allen, QC
Alec Newman as Heathcote Machin
Alex Noodle as Wilfred Hay
Dave Norman as Stephen Ashurst
Susan Porrett as Jean
Rachel Power as Nellie Tatchell
Jemma Redgrave as Francesca Rochester
Darren Strange as Dylan Broadbent
William Tapley as Giles Rowley
Barbara Thorn as Rita Cooper
Andrew Whipp as Henry Kuhle
Billie Whitelaw as Dorothy Lomax
Scott Samain as Solicitor (uncredited)

Director: Jonny Campbell

Airdate: 12 December 2002

Season 2, Episode 3



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