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Judge John Deed: Rough Justice (S1EP1 BBC-1 26 Nov 2001, with Jemma Redgrave)



Rough Justice: A charismatic MI5 informer appears in Deed’s court charged with battering his wife, and the judge comes under pressure from on high to let him off, as he is an important source of information about ‘The Real IRA’. In a second case, three men are accused of using Rohypnol to carry out a date rape, and a pushy young defence counsel rubs the judge up the wrong way.Outside court, Deed flirts with Francesca, a publisher who is married to his antagonist Ian Rochester: their resulting short affair is caught on camera, and a jealous husband is quickly looking for revenge.

Eileen Davies as Gilly
Darragh Kelly as Peter Abbott
Monica Dolan as Natalie Abbott
Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
Colin Salmon as Willy Radcliff
Alec Newman as Heathcote Machin
Angus Brown as Foreman
Kate Williamson as Ms. Mainwaring
Barbara Thorn as Rita ‘Coop’ Cooper
Damon Jeffery as CCTV Electrician
Jemma Redgrave as Francesca Rochester
Simon Chandler as Sir Ian Rochester
Christopher Cazenove as DAC Row Colemore
Tim Munro as Norman Children
Sheridan Morley as Judge Robert Home
Tony Scarlo as Usher
Naoko Mori as Mutsumi Yesayahoo
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills QC
Tim Matthews as Tim Collier
Ben Cartwright as Paul Bailey
Navin Chowdhry as Colin Gee
George Jackos as Dr. Spazmani
David Begg as Brian Maudling
William Ilkley as David Brett-Smith
David Fishley as Inspector Troy Martin (as Dave Fishley)
Keeley Forsyth as Carol Gainer
T.R. Bowen as Sir Michael Nivan (as Trevor Bowen)
David Norman as Stephen Ashurst
Michael Price as Digby Westland
Horace Oliver as Security Guard
Andy Quine as Ben Goldin
Leonard Webster as Dr. Sam Malcolm
Emma Buckley as Dr. Maggie Oellink
Heather Bleasdale as Security Manager
Louisa Clein as Charlie Deed (uncredited)
Kevin Hudson as CPS Solicitor (uncredited)
Fraser James as Laurence James (uncredited)
Caroline Langrishe as Georgina Channing QC (uncredited)
Donald Sinden as Sir Joseph Channing (uncredited)

Director: Mary McMurray
Writer: G.F. Newman

Airdate: 26 November 2001

Season 1, Episode 1



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