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Junior Bake Off Episode 7 (Channel 4 Tuesday 24 January 2023)



Junior Bake Off

Junior Bake Off airs a new episode tonight Tuesday 24 January 2023 on Channel 4.

Episode 7 The Junior Bake Off 2022 features sixteen of the most promising young bakers from among the thousands of applicants competing in the show’s signature white tent. In addition to seasoned judges Liam Charles and Ravneet Gill, Harry Hill presides over the proceedings with his trademark humour and charm.

The bakers from Heat B are back inside the tent and are given two challenges involving delicate biscuits.

Rav first requests the bakers to forecast their future using some delicate little pastries. Then the bakers are challenged to create their own version of the Eighth Wonder of the World using only biscuits. Which contestant will ultimately be deemed the show’s Star Baker, and which will be bottom of the biscuit barrel and depart the Bake Off tent?

Airdate: Tuesday 24 January 2023 at 5.00pm on Channel 4.

Season 4 Episode 7

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4