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Justice: A Nice Straight Forward Treason (ITV 3 Dec 1971, with Paul Eddington)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In A Nice Straightforward Treason young widow Sandra Graham and her lodger Eric Brigshaw (although it’s quickly made plain he is more than just a lodger) are devoted ham radio users but when defecting Russian Strelich names them as part of a spy ring. Sandra is claiming complete innocence. Ian Moody just happens to be her doctor and persuades Harriet to take on her case.

Moody is still pursuing Harriet and she seems somewhat happier about the pursuit in this episode. It’s clear they are seeing quite a lot of each other.

Another James Mitchell episode touching on espionage, he was well versed in the subject having created Callan.

There was an excellent four page feature on Lockwood in the 27 Nov TV Times coinciding with this issue, funnily enough Margaret’s real life home was quite similar to the one Harriet called home in the first season. Much of the article focused on Lockwood still trying to leave the Gainsborough and Wicked Lady days behind.

This episode tapped into the notorious case of the Portland Spy Ring of the late fifties and early sixties when a group of Russian spies were found to be operating out of a typical suburban house.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 3 December 1971 at 9.00pm

Writer: James Mitchell / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: Justice Season 1 Episode 9

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
John Stone as Dr Ian Moody
Elizabeth Bell as Sandra Graham
Paul Eddington as Cooper
Colin Rix as Eric Brigshaw
Milos Kirek as Strelich
James Walsh as Coogan
Kenneth Watson as Detective Inspector Charlton
Peter Armitage as Detective Constable Boyce
Paul Antrim as Reid
Hilary Crane as W.P.C. Johnson
Clifford Rose as Prison Doctor
Geoffrey Lumsden as Moore
Michael Godfrey as Patrick Liddell Q.C.
Lewis Wilson as Policeman
Billy Milton as Clerk of the Court
Anthony Nash as Judge
Wilfred Boyle as Foreman of the Jury