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Justice: For Those in Peril (ITV 6 Apr 1973, with Ray McAnally)



In For Those in Peril Harriet and Sir John are defending Captain Saul who is accused of failing to respond to a ship in trouble off the coast of Iceland causing loss of life.

Sir John antagonises the judge when he has to leave the case after two days (a court of appeal was already booked in, it was hoped this case would be wrapped up in time but an adjournment led to time running out.) and Captain Saul himself doesn’t think Harriet is up to the job.

Justice For Those in Peril

Carolyn Courage plays Sir John’s niece Phyllis, she is a bit of a know-it-all and quite snobbish. Bill, the clerk of the Chambers is already finding her quite annoying.

Harriet and Ian are not getting on at all at the moment, she is pushing herself very hard, determined to be made a silk next year and making she her work ethic merits it.

Sir John and Harriet have a brilliant scene where an overworked Harriet criticised Sir John’s driving and he completely loses it. Sir John and Ian also have an interesting conversation about Harriet and how Dr Moody believes she may be heading for a breakdown. Harriet does indeed fall ill but it’s a case of German measles that brings her down!

Justice For Those in Peril

The excellent Ray McAnally plays Captain Bell

The fabulous Ray McAnally has a small appearance as Captain Bell who was in charge of the stricken vessel and is giving evidence against Captain Saul. Sir John’s niece Phyllis is still around and is busy getting in everybody’s way.

classic quote
“I’m not your husband, I never will be.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 6 April 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Bill MacIlwraith/ Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: Alan Bromly

Series: Justice Season 2 Episode 9

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
John Stone as Dr Ian Moody
Philip Stone as Sir John Gallagher
John Bryans as Bill, Clerk of Chambers
Carolyn Courage as Phyllis Bradstreet
Ray McAnally as Captain Bell
Frederick Hall as Percy
Paul Hardwick as Captain Saul
Geraldine Welsby as Peggy
Dennis Mawn as Junior Clerk
Richardson Morgan as Man in court
Peter Needham as Businessman
Christopher Hancock as Merton
John Kidd as Judge
David Sterne as Lorimer