Justice: The Price of Innocence (ITV 24 May 1974, with Robin Bailey)

In The Price of Innocence an old friend of James’ has been accused of careless driving and has killed a man in the process. It’s an excellent episode full of great scenes between Eliot and Anderson (played by John Shrapnel), the pair had been at school together and Anderson thinks James isn’t doing as much as he should be. James eventually turns him over to Harriet to defend.

The fabulous Robin Bailey turns up as fellow barrister Stuart Kenyon, he too is a member of the chambers and has apparently been there some years despite this being his debut on the show. It’s mentioned that Sir John is now a high court judge and is still in Inverness. His new role also means that he will have to step down as head of chambers. Eliot is convinced that he would be the best man for the role; Kenyon believes that he would be the best man for the role – but what about a best woman? After a tense vote Harriet is indeed voted in as new head of chambers.

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Harriet had actually been offered a position as head of chambers at another firm but turned the opportunity down and suggests that Kenyon might be just the man instead. Meanwhile Ian pays Harriet a visit, his partners at the practice want him to actually spend more time there.

John Shrapnel as Anderson, he’s killed a man in a car accident but is more concerned about his business.

There are some great actors popping up in this episode too including Ralph Michael, Hilary Mason (sister of Margery) and John Shrapnel.

The show scored a TV Times cover for this weeks episode featured Anthony Valentine and Margaret Lockwood, the article focused on Anthony Valentine’s on screen persona as something of a bad guy – this was mainly down to his role on Callan. It also touched on his desire to act from a very early age, his growing interest in the law and his interest in shells!

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production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 24 May 1974 at 9.00pm

Writer: John Batt / Production Design: Mary Rea / Director: Mark Cullingham

Series: Justice Season 3 Episode 2

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
Anthony Valentine as James Eliot
John Stone as Ian Moody
John Bryans as Bill
Rosie Collins as Rosie
Robin Bailey as Stuart Kenyon
John Shrapnel as Anderson
Hilary Mason as Mrs Garside
Graham Simpson as P.C. Edwards
Brenda Cowling as Mrs Cosgrove
Michael Cadman as Nesbitt
Ralph Michael as Mr Justice Bebbington
Andrew Lawrence as Magistrate
Richard Hampton as Williams
Alex Robinson as Associate
Simon Clarke as Foreman

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