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Justice: The Rain It Raineth (ITV 29 Oct 1971, with Hilda Fenemore)



In The Rain It Raineth Harriet decides to help the young son of Olive Parsons, who cleans the local court chambers. Teenage Brian has become involved with a couple of tearaways who during a robbery on an electronics factory assaulted a nightwatchman.

Brian, who is somewhat easily led, had nothing to do with the robbery but agrees to cover for his “friends”. He even admits to having been there. No matter how much Harriet presses him (and it is obvious to everyone he is lying) he won’t admit to the real facts.

It’s a strange case really, with peer pressured Brian determined to plead guilty Harriet persuades the prosecution to accept a lesser charge of burglary. He ends up with two years probation but doesn’t understand and doesn’t care what the consequences of now having a criminal record means for his future prospects.

An uncredited Marjorie Yates, in one of her earliest appearances, appears as a witness who saw the boys at the amusement arcade where she worked.

classic quote
“You’re either very stupid or very clever, I don’t know which yet.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 29 October 1971 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Production Design: Vic Symonds / Director: Tony Wharmby

Series: Justice Season 1 Episode 4

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
Michael Coles as Detective Sergeant Gable
Hilda Fenemore as Olive Parsons
Leon Vitali as Brian Parsons
Robin Wentworth as Lever
Peter Blythe as Sommerfield
Derek Lamden as Glover
Ian Sharp as Biscuit
John Savident as Furness
Carleton Hobbs as Mr Justice Bosanquet
John Ringham as Webb
Arnold Peters as Clerk of Assizes
Max Rawnsley as Chairman of Magistrates
Andrew Staines as Clerk of Magistrates
Liz Goulding as Mary