Justice: Trespass to the Person (ITV 4 May 1973, with Michael Elphick)

In season 2 finale Trespass to the Person, Harriet is defending professional burglar Peter Rodwell (played by the fabulous Michael Elphick) who is accused of attempted robbery at the home of Mr Curtis. Harriet manages to get Rodwell bail. Rodwell somewhat stupidly then tries to rob Curtis’s home again only to be get shot in the leg in process. He is so badly injured that he actually ends up losing his right leg. Harriet later manages to get a suspended sentence for Rodwell who then decides to try and get compensation from Curtis.

It just so happens that Mr Curtis is something of an acquaintance of Sir John. Curtis is a politician who thinks Sir John would be the perfect candidate to stand in an upcoming by-election. Of course Sir John can quite easily see himself as being just as successful a politician as he is a barrister. Curtis makes it plain that it would look better if Sir John were married. Cue a very amusing scene where the normally extremely erudite Sir John is somewhat tongue-tied as he asks Harriet to marry him – only to be interrupted by the arrival of Curtis before he gets a response from Harriet. Curtis then tells Sir John the party don’t think he will make a good candidate after all, preferring the branch secretary of the agricultural party instead. Sir John is now on the back foot and is keen to retract his proposal to Harriet.

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Sir John getting a little discombobulated as he tries to propose to Harriet.

At the moment Ian is spending more time with Eileen Rutherford than he is with Harriet. However Eileen wants to know where she stands, she reiterates to Ian that she loves him and would like to be his wife. He genuinely has feelings for Eileen but can’t let Harriet go.

Harriet is also visited by Special Branch over Bill’s recent trouble involving his son David. Bill had come into possession of significant facts about the Major who was involved in the case. Special Branch are concerned that Bill may have stumbled upon some highly sensitive material. Bill could be in serious trouble and Harriet thinks he is bringing the chambers into disrepute and thinks he should be dismissed.

Phyllis has now qualified as a barrister but has yet to be tested with anything other than a simple magistrates court case.

It’s a strong end to the season, Angela Thorne was a strong addition for the final few episodes and certainly gave Harriet pause for thought on her relationship with Ian.

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Ian and Harriet come to an uneasy understanding. At this point it looks like the relationship could possibly get back on track.

It’s a strong end to the episode too with the staff of the chambers getting together at their annual dinner. Harriet and Ian strike up an easy truce, the pair deciding to spend a few days together in Ian’s old stamping ground. The Bill getting sacked issue is cleared up and Sir John can go back to being his asexual self again.

classic quote
“I’ve asked you to marry me 12 times and that’s enough. Next time you’ll have to do the proposing.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 4 May 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: John Batt / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: James Ormerod

Series: Justice Season 2 Episode 13

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
Philip Stone as Sir John Gallagher
John Stone as Dr Ian Moody
John Bryans as Bill, Clerk of Chambers
Carolyn Courage as Phyllis Bradstreet
Angela Thorne as Eileen Rutherford
Michael Elphick as Peter Rodwell
Rod Beacham as Det Insp Cosgrove
Glyn Houston as Henry Curtis
Shirley Dixon as Julia Curtis
Martin Boddey as Lt Col Stevens
Alan Robertson as Ferris
Richard Simpson as Det Chief Inspector Walker
Robert Hartley as Judge

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