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Justice: You Didn’t Pay For Justice (ITV 17 Dec 1971, with Anthony Valentine)



Justice Season 1

In You Didn’t Pay For Justice Harriet has her hands full after being asked to stand in for a colleague on a series of routine motoring offences in the magistrates court. She has another case in the county court in the afternoon but thinks she will have time to fit them all in. They are all simple cases – or so she thinks…

All goes well until the arrival of Bob Miller who has been charged with speeding, he already has two convictions for the same offence. He initially pleads guilty but then changes his mind saying he can prove he wasn’t speeding. The problem for Harriet is that her cases take place in different court rooms and what should have been a quick verdict is now going to take some time.

After a reprimand from the judge in the County Court Harriet loses the Miller case but wins her county court case. In the fall out Miller loses her job but persuades Harriet to take his appeal.

It’s an episode that could be subtitled A day in the life of a busy working barrister.

Anthony Valentine who plays Bob Miller here would go on to be a regular in the third and final season as fellow lawyer James Eliot.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 17 December 2017 at 9.00pm

Writer: James Mitchell / Production Design: Andrew Drummond / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: Justice Season 1 Episode 11

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
Anthony Valentine as Robert Miller
Frances White as Audrey Miller
John Graham as Mr Stopes
Amber Kammer as Patsy Turner
James Ottaway as County Court Judge
Alan Gerrard as Mr Field
Alan Surtees as Rutter
Veronica Lang as Secretary
Hugh Morton as Chairman of Magistrates
Frank Sieman as Chairman of Quarter Sessions
Michael Cooper as Clerk of the Magistrates
Frederick Hall as Inspector Graham
Jon Laurimore as Charles Eldwood
Ray Armstrong as Sgt Barker
Richardson Morgan as P.C. Dean
Julian Battersby as P.C. Snell
Richard McNeff as Warrant officer
Jack Escott as Court usher
Joe Holroyd as Court usher