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Killer Camp: Murder on the Dance Floor (S2EP4 The CW Thurs 2 Dec 2021)



Killer Camp The CW

Murder on the Dance Floor: Campers take to the lake and attempt to "get their ducks in a row" for cash; as a surprising new romance blossoms, the brutal immunity challenge has the bunkmates throwing spears at each other to guarantee their own survival.

Airdate: Thurs 2 Dec 2021 at 21:00 on The CW

Season 2 Episode 4

Eleven unsuspecting contributors are dropped into an 80’s inspired lakeside lodge where, after an explosive twist, they learn it’s not the Summer Camp they’d envisaged but a Killer Camp with a secret murderer among them.

The aim of the game is to earn cash whilst avoiding being killed and therefore eliminated from the game. Over five bloody nights the murderer will bump off their fellow campers in ever more extreme, hilarious and inventive ways; it’s the job of the innocents to work out who is responsible before it’s too late.

Can the innocents find the killer among them and walk away with a big money prize? Or will the killer remain undetected and steal their cash?