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Killer Contract (ITV 2 Mar 1984, Edward Woodward)



Killer Contract

In Killer Contract, the final of three one off thrillers, high powered businessman Bill Routledge has his life thrown into disarray when his daughter is kidnapped.

Bill is about to launch a major satellite communications project and it’s clear that the kidnap is linked to that. An American consortium wants to buy him out and as the days go by Bill begins to believe they might well be behind the abduction of his daughter.

All three of the Killer episodes start out as traditional thrillers but end up as something a little more off kilter and this is no exception. It’s also the least coherent – despite a typically effortless performance from Edward Woodward.

classic quote
“stop production or your daughter dies.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 2 March 1984 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robin Chapman / Production Design: Vic Symonds / Director: James Ormerod

Series: Killer Episode 3 (of 3)

Edward Woodward as Bill Routledge
David Sibley as Hugh Dexter
Caroline Bliss as Celia Routledge
Christopher Poulson as Gerry
Rachel Laurence as Link Girl
Kate Harper as Joan Routledge
Wanda Ventham as Dorothy Routledge
Simon Molloy as CID Officer
Paul Maxwell as Head of consortium
Paula Kitt as Alice