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King Johan: The Last King Of Norway Premieres Thurs 29 September on SBS On Demand



Eight part political satire King Johan: The Last King of Norway centre on the relationships within the current Norwegian royal family. The Royal Palace is home to King Johan (Atle Antonsen), his wife Queen Isabella (Ine F. Jansen), Crown Prince Heinrich (Jonas Strand Gravli), and daughter Ellinor (Chloé-Fleur Kolstad). King Johan takes pride in upholding long-standing royal customs and believes he is a great king.

The series revolves around the dynamics of the royal family, and a struggle between the King and the antagonistic Prime Minister. It is rife with raw humour. Everything begins with a newspaper poll stating that only 48% of Norwegians believe the royals perform admirably.

In Norwegian with English subtitles. King Johan: The Last King Of Norway is an SBS On Demand exclusive.

Airdate: Thursday 29 September 2022 on SBS On Demand. All eight episodes available to stream at once.