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Kizzy: She Can’t Stay There (BBC-1 4 Feb 1976, with Patrick McAlinney)



Kizzy She Can't Stay There

In She Can’t Stay There, Kizzy, having walked away from the gypsy camp with her horse, wounds up on the doorstep of Admiral Twiss. She is desperate to persuade “Sir Admiral” to help save her horse Joe, she thinks the rest of the gypsies will send him off to the knackers yard.

The Admiral agrees to let Joe stay in his meadow for the rest of his life, Kizzy though, completely exhausted, collapses and falls into a fever. Twiss and his manservant Peters do their best to look after her but busybody Mrs Cuthbert is beside herself and is determined that Kizzy cannot stay there.

Meanwhile Twiss is focused on making Kizzy well again and even ventures to London to kit her out with a whole new wardrobe.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 4 February 1976 at 5.15pm

Writer: John Tully / Production Design: Myles Lang / Director: Dorothea Brooking

Series: Kizzy Episode 3 (of 6)

Vanessa Furst as Kizzy
Melissa Docker as Prue Cuthbert
Lisa Welsford as Elizabeth Oliver
Isobel Gordon as Mary Jo
Meg Ritchie as Mildred Blount
Michael Wardle as Mr Blount
Anne Ridler as Olivia
Toby Bridge as Clem Oliver
John Welsh as Admiral Twiss
Patrick McAlinney as Peters
Ernest C Jennings as Uncle Jess
Ben Howard as Lumas Doe
Paddy Ward as Nat
Angela Browne as Mrs Cuthbert
Mary Sheen, Gail McFarlane as Shop Assistants



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