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Kizzy: The Wagon (BBC-1 21 Jan 1976, with Miriam Margolyes)



Kizzy The Wagon

In The Wagon young gypsy girl Kizzy and her grandmother (along with the rest of the Gypsy group) have set up camp in Admiral Twiss’s orchard. The villagers, led by Mrs Cuthbert, are none too happy about the situation. Kizzy’s grandmother is getting old and frail and is tired of the constant being moved on. Especially as it’s winter. She tells Kizzy she is going to see out her days in the Orchard. When the rest of the camp moves on Kizzy and her gran stay behind.

When local busybody Mrs Cuthbert sees that Kizzy and her gran are sticking around she goes to the authorities who insist that the young girl must go to the local school. Much to Kizzy’s distress of course.

Almost immediately the other kids in her class begin to tease Kizzy for being a gypsy.

A strong opener that doesn’t waste anytime in setting up the premise. Miriam Margolyes makes an early appearance as gypsy Mrs Doe.

Kizzy The Wagon

Busybody Mrs Cuthbert is responsible for Kizzy having to go to the local school.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 21 January 1976 at 5.515pm

Writer: John Tully / Production Design: Myles Lang / Director: Dorothea Brooking

Series: Kizzy Episode 1 (of 6)

Vanessa Furst as Kizzy
Betty Hardy as Gran
Anne Ridler as Olivia
Meg Ritchie as Mildred Blount
Angela Browne as Mrs Cuthbert
Melissa Docker as Prue Cuthbert
Ben Howard as Lumas Doe
Miriam Margolyes as Mrs Doe
John Udall as Boyo
Norah Blaney as Emma Smith
Ernest C Jennings as Uncle Jess
Francis Sargent as Albert
John Welsh as Admiral Twiss
Patrick McAlinney as Peters
Paddy Ward as Nat
Toby Bridge as Clem Oliver
Lisa Welsford as Elizabeth Oliver
Isobel Gordon as Mary Jo
Michael Wardle as Mr Blount