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Knights of God Episode 11 (ITV 22 Nov 1987, with David Lyon)



In episode 11 the Welsh resistance have taken Caernarfon, Owen is worried that they won’t be able to hold it though. Dai and Dafydd, are convinced that this is the turning point.

Meanwhile Hugo is still busy scheming, his closest confidante, Tyrell, has arranged for his escape. Tyrell also believes that Mordrin is losing his grip on reality and becoming obsessed with Edwards. Things are further complicated for Mordrin when Clarke takes his men into the wasteland to join the resistance fighters.

Gervase and Julia have reached Canterbury Cathedral, thanks to Julia’s father, the archbishop agrees to introduce them to the King in hiding. However Tyrell has managed to sneak two men into the Cathedral to kill Gervase and Julia. In the ensuing fight the archibishop is killed before he can reveal the whereabouts of the King. Julia proves herself once again to be highly capable when it comes to fighting – helping Gervase beat the two Knights.

Things are starting to become unravelled somewhat for Mordrin as he obsesses over the crown he has had made.

Knights of God Episode 11

The Archbishop of Canterbury is about to reveal the whereabouts of the rightful King…

production details
UK / ITV – TVS / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 22 November 1987

Writer: Richard Cooper / Director: Michael Kerrigan

Series: Knights of God Episode 11 (of 13)

Claire Parker as Julia
George Winter as Gervase
Julian Fellowes as Hugo
John Woodvine as Mordrin
Nigel Stock as Simon
Peter Childs as Tyrell
Gareth Thomas as Owen
Shirley Stelfox as Beth
Owen Teale as Dai
Tenniel Evans as Dafydd
David Lyon as Archbishop Armstrong
Robert Swann as Chaplain
Paul Holmes as Assassin
Tony Ostrom as Assassin