Knights of God Episode 2 (ITV 13 Sep 1987, with Julian Fellowes)

In episode two Gervase and what remains of the convoy have arrived at one of the retraining centres, Camp 15, in the North. The several hundred new arrivals, who also include the teenage Julia, will spend the next several weeks learning the rules and regulations of the Knights of God.

The camp is in the middle of nowhere and it’s a tough regime of dawn till dusk training. Gervase finds himself singled out for harsh treatment thanks to his attitude. Julia comes to his aid and he tells her what his real name is.

At Knights of God HQ Mordrin tells Hugo that he has discovered the identity of the leader of the Welsh resistance, which just happens to be Gervase’s father Owen of course. He knows he has a son and he wants his son caught at any cost.

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We learn a bit about the history of the Knights of God, the beginning of it all goes back to 2000 when Prior Mordrin was part of a massive grounswell of religious fervour that seemed to sweep the country. At the same there was a massive civil unrest and a North-South divide that led to civil war. Mordrin gathered together his Knights of God and determined to bring order back to the country.

We also learn a bit more about the power structure within the Knights of God. Father Hugo is the head of security and it’s clear that he is covetous of Mordrin’s position.

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Julian Fellowes is brother Hugo, head of security.

classic quote
“The men I’m not concerned about, they can be replaced. But the supplies…”

production details
UK / ITV – TVS / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 13 September 1987

Writer: Richard Cooper / Director: Michael Kerrigan

Series: Knights of God Season 1 Episode 2

Gareth Thomas as Owen
John Woodvine as Mordrin
Julian Fellowes as Hugo
Claire Parker as Julia
Patrick Troughton as Arthur
George Winter as Gervase
Owen Teale as Dai
Tenniel Evans as Dafydd
Michael Lees as Governor
Crispin De Nys as 1st Knight
Lynn Webb-Turner as Wardress
Rosemary Smith as Barmaid
Zoe Nathenson as Kate

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