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Knights of God Episode One (ITV 8 Sep 1987, with Don Henderson)



Knights of God Episode One

In the opening episode of Knights of God it’s the year 2020 and Britain has been torn apart by civil war. It’s now under the control of all powerful Knights of God who are a totalitarian organisation with quasi religious overtones. They rule in a similar fashion to the PCD in the BBC 1970’s series 1990 but with more religiosity.

Knights of God Episode One

Gareth Thomas is Owen, leader of the Welsh resistance and father of Gervase.

Young Gervase, living in Wales, is told by his father that he has a purpose. His father, Owen is part of a resistance movement. He goes underground when he learns that his home village is being targeted by the Knights. All of the residents are to be taken to re-education centres. Just before the trucks depart Owen is able to give Gervase a new ID tag.

Leader of the Knights of God is Father Prior Mordrin and a long war between North and South has just come to an end. He gives the North to his men to colonise. Gervase and the other villagers find themselves heading Northward. En route their convoy is attacked.

Knights of God Episode One

John Woodvine as Prior Mordrin, The ruler of this new Albion.

The main thrust of the series is very quickly introduced in this opener, the Knights of God might see themselves as all powerful but there seems to be quite a bit of resistajce and there is a whole patch of no-mans land, called The Wastelands, that is controlled by Guerrillas (led by the fabulous Don Henderson).

It’s big budget stuff too with plentiful use of helicopters, explosions and full on gun battles.

production details
UK / ITV – TVS / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 6 September 1987

Writer: Richard Cooper / Director: Andrew Morgan

Series: Knights of God Season 1 Episode 1

Gareth Thomas as Owen
John Woodvine as Mordrin
Julian Fellowes as Hugo
Claire Parker as Julia
Patrick Troughton as Arthur
George Winter as Gervase
Shirley Stelfox as Beth
Don Henderson as Colley
Paul Jerricho as Chapel Officer
William Thomas as Will
Gwynn Beech as Hughie
Christopher Bowen as Helicopter Pilot
Alan Mock as Comminications Officer
Roger Tallon as Studio Manager
Richard Love as Ifor
Betsan Jones as Elsie
Rodney Litchfield as Chapel Knight
Alaw Bennett Jones as Myfanwy
Roy Boyd as Fen
Kevin White as Lorry Knight