Knights of God Episode 3 (ITV 20 Sep 1987, with Anne Stallybrass)

In Episode three Gervase and Julia have decided they need to escape from camp 15, meanwhile brother Hugo has identified him as Owen’s son and Prior Mordrin, who intends to bring Owen down, heads out to pick him up personally.

Julia and Gervase stage a demonstration in a bid to create a diversion that will let them make a run for it, however Mordrin turns up and takes them both in for interrogation. Mordrin gives Gervase a stark choice – agree to join the Knights of God (which would be a terrible blow to Owen and the resistance) or he will execute Julia. Seeing Julia about to face the firing squad gives Gervase little choice. He agrees to pledge his allegiance to Prior Mordrin.

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An interesting tactic from Mordrin, rather than just kill Gervase and make him a martyr figure he effectively neutralises him. Having him, the son of a resistance leader, join the Knights of God will do more harm to the cause than anything else.

production details
UK / ITV – TVS / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 20 September 1987

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Writer: Richard Cooper / Director: Michael Kerrigan

Series: Knights of God Episode 3 (of 13)

George Winter as Gervase
Claire Parker as Julia
John Woodvine as Mordrin
Julian Fellowes as Hugo
Gareth Thomas as Owen
Anne Stallybrass as Nell
Patrick Troughton as Arthur
Owen Teale as Dai
Tenniel Evans as Dafydd
Christopher Bowen as Pilot
Michael Lees as Governor
Crispin De Nys as 1st Knight
Lynn Webb-Turner as Wardress

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