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Lee and Dean: Season 2 Episode 4 airs Thurs 2 May 2019 on Channel 4



The critically-acclaimed bittersweet comedy continues. Starring Miles Chapman, Mark O’Sullivan, Camille Ucan and Anna Morris alongside new faces Cariad Lloyd and Colin Hoult. When an old friend of the firm reappears, and another runs into trouble, the boys rally round. Lee (Chapman) is keen to impress with his new responsibilities in business and his personal life.

Nikki (Ucan) makes a rash decision, Dean (O’Sullivan) and Mrs Bryce-D’Souza (Morris) grow ever closer, and Shitty Mick (Mark Sharp) channels his inner choirboy.

Writer: Miles Chapman, Mark O’Sullivan, Sam Underwood;
Prod: Martyn Jolly, Tom Miller; Dir: Mark O’Sullivan;
Exec Prods: Phil Clarke, Mark O’Sullivan, Miles Chapman;
Prod Co: Bingo Prods

The full series is available, free to view or download on All 4. The series also continues next week on C4.

Airdate: Thursday 2 May 2019 at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

Season 2, Episode 4



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