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Lego Masters: Good Vs. Evil (S1EP8 FOX Wed 25 Mar 2020)



Good Vs. Evil: Actor, comedian, activist, artist and former professional football player Terry Crews is welcomed to the LEGO(R) MASTERS set as the contestants embark on a competition of good vs. evil. Storytelling and creativity are at the forefront as contestants create evil lairs. The episode’s twist involves each team member incorporating a “swooshable vehicle,” a handheld creation that is brought to life as contestants fly them around their LEGO(R) world. One duo will be eliminated, leaving only three teams left.

Host: Will Arnett

Judges: Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard

Special Guest: Terry Crews

Airdate: Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 9.00pm on FOX.

Season 1, Episode 8