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Let Them Eat Cake: Murder (S1EP2 BBC1 16 Sep 1999, Alison Steadman)



Murder: Columbine loses her fortune in a wager with the Marquise de Foufou. When the Marquise de Foufou is brutally murdered, Columbine is the prime suspect. But was it murder, or suicide? Justice will prevail, but not until Columbine has her day in court.

Regular Cast: Dawn French (Lisette), Jennifer Saunders (Colombine), Adrian Scarborough (Bouffant), Alison Steadman (Madame De Plonge)

Guest Cast: Lucy Punch (Eveline), Simon Butteriss, Jake Nightingale, Nicholas Rowe, Linda Spurrier, Maggie Whiting

Writer: Peter Learmouth / Director: Christine Gernon

Airdate: 16 Sep 1999 on BBC1

Series: Let Them Eat Cake Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Period sitcom. Episodes from the court of Louis XVI in 1792 where the Comtesse de Vache rules the roost.