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Let Them Eat Cake: The Portrait (S1EP3 BBC1 23 Sep 1999, Richard E. Grant)



The Portrait: The finest portrait painter in France, Madame Vigee-Lebrun, agrees to paint Columbine’s portrait, but the wig must go. Columbine becomes a victim of the Marquis de Sade. Lisette returns to the streets and Bouffant is seduced.

Regular Cast: Dawn French (Lisette), Jennifer Saunders (Colombine), Adrian Scarborough (Bouffant),

Guest Cast: Maggie Steed, Richard E. Grant, Linda Spurrier, Maggie Whiting

Writer: Peter Learmouth / Director: Christine Gernon

Airdate: 23 Sep 1999 on BBC1

Series: Let Them Eat Cake Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Period sitcom. Episodes from the court of Louis XVI in 1792 where the Comtesse de Vache rules the roost.