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Life At 50°C airs Wed 10 Nov on BBC Two



One off documentary Life At 50°C explores one of the most devastating effects of the climate crisis: extreme heat. From the award-winning This World strand, Life At 50°C reveals the day-to-day impact of such high temperatures.

With 2021 set to be the hottest year on record, millions of people around the world will have their health, livelihoods, and lives endangered by high temperatures. Filmed across seven countries where extreme heat has become part and parcel of people’s lives, Life At 50°C shows the human stories behind climate change, and how the crisis is already affecting lives.

From Mauritania to Australia, Nigeria to Iraq, this ambitious documentary reveals how extreme heat is forcing people to flee their homes; wreaking havoc on nature; causing water shortages in impoverished areas; threatening the future of younger generations; and triggering dangerous health conditions.

For many climate experts, this is just a sign of what lies ahead for many other parts of the world – but determined to survive and adapt, the people and communities filmed demonstrate their resourcefulness and resilience in the face of severe heat.

Contributors include:
India MacDonell, an Australian teenager who saved her home from a catastrophic bushfire, but now fears for the future.

Julio Cesar Bueno Ramirez Buenrostro, a paramedic with the Mexican Red Cross regularly called out to tend to those collapsing under blistering temperatures on the streets of Mexicali.

Patrick Michell, one of the 250 people in Lytton, Canada, who lost their homes when the village reached 49.5C degrees then burnt to the ground.

Ascia Alshammiri, a popular influencer and mother of two living in Kuwait city, deemed one of the hottest places on earth this year.

Airdate: Wednesday 10 November 2021 at 8.00pm on BBC Two.