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Life in Pieces: Four Short Fairy Tales (S4EP9 CBS Thurs 13 Jun 2019)



Four Short Fairy Tales” – When Tim gets a toupee, the family tries their best to hide their horrified reactions. Also, Jen fights for face time with her boss when she returns to work after maternity leave; Joan decides to retire but gets cold feet; and Greg and Matt build a playhouse for the kids.

Dianne Wiest (Joan Short)
James Brolin (John Short)
Zoe Lister-Jones (Jen Short)
Colin Hanks (Greg Short)
Angelique Cabral (Colleen Brandon-Ortega)
Thomas Sadoski (Matt Short)
Betsy Brandt (Heather Hughes)
Dan Bakkedahl (Tim Hughes)
Niall Cunningham (Tyler Hughes)
Holly J. Barrett (Samantha Hughes)
Giselle Eisenberg (Sophia Hughes)
Hunter King (Clementine Hughes)
Ana Sophia Heger (Lark)

Vivaan Bisoi (Lucas)
Martin Starr (Oscar)
Andy Buckley (Paul)
Sarah Baker (Eve)
Risa Dorken (Elle)

WRITTEN BY: Joe Cristalli
DIRECTED BY: Eric Dean Stanton

Airdate: Thursday 13 June 2019 at 9.30pm on CBS.

Season 4, Episode 9