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Life of Crime: 1985 (S1EP1 ITV 10 May 2013, Con O’Neill)



1985: The year is 1985 and Denise who is in her early twenties, begins a new life as an WPC for the Met Police, fighting sexism along the way. She is assigned to work with plain clothes Detective Sergeant Ray Deans and, while they attempt to apprehend a suspect, she suffers a knock to the head that sees her in hospital. Whilst there she meets Amy Reid, a fifteen year old girl who’s recently come from a club in Brixton called Subotica. Amy has been violently dragged out of the club by her father but made a run for it. After Amy is later found murdered, Denise is determined to see the culprit brought to justice.

Regular Cast: Hayley Atwell (Denise Woods), Richard Coyle (Ray Deans), Julian Lewis Jones (Mike Holland), Amanda Drew (Beverley Reid), Alex Hassell (Colin Nash), Con O’Neill (DCI Ferguson), Ruth McCabe (Rose Woods), Joel Beckett (DI Gainham), Chris McHallem (Paul Reid), Lara Rossi (Jay Tomlin), Christopher Fulford (Furlong), Ray Panthaki (DS Nabeel Kothari), Priyanga Burford (Helen Clarke), Riann Steele (Paula Merris), Stuart Bunce (Weston)

Guest Cast: 

Airdate: 10 May 2013 on ITV

Series: Life of Crime Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Life of Crime revolves around a female police officer named Denise Woods. Set across a span of three decades (beginning with the Brixton Riots of 1985), the drama follows Denise as she rises through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service.