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Lillie: Bertie (S1EP5 ITV 22 Oct 1978, Jennie Linden)



Bertie: Despite being an icon of beauty and glamour, Lillie’s marriage to Edward is a loveless farce. Even though Edward attempts to improve her surroundings, wardrobe and lifestyle, Lillie’s heart has found another. She becomes quite close to “Bertie”, the Prince of Wales, eliciting whispers of an illicit affair between the pair. After a brief trip back to Jersey, Lillie entertains the affections of Arthur Jones, a lifelong friend. But Lillie and the Prince can no longer exist apart. She is now his mistress.

Regular Cast: Francesca Annis (Lillie Langtry), Anton Rodgers (Edward Langtry)

Guest Cast: Denis Lill (Bertie), Peter Egan (Oscar Wilde), Ann Firbank (Queen Alexandra), Jennie Linden (Patsy Cornwallis-West), Catherine Feller (Dominique), Peggy Ann Wood (Mrs Le Breton), John Barcroft (Francis Knollys), Brian Deacon (Frank Miles), Don Fellows (J. M.Whistler), Philip York (Moreton Frewen), Edgar Wreford (Lord Suffield), Alex Scott (Sir Allen Young), David Dixon (Prince Leopold), John Bryans (C.J. Freake), Wanda Moore (Lady Georgina Dudley), Edward Dentith (Sir Allen Young), David Gwillim (Arthur Jones), Sheila Mitchell (Charlotte Knollys), Sheila Reid (Queen Victoria), Terence Davies, Leonard Kavanagh

Writer: David Butler / Director: Christopher Hodson

Airdate: 22 Oct 1978 on ITV

Series: Lillie Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Thirteen part period drama serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV. The life of actress Lillie Langtry, who had a scandalous affair with Edward, Prince of Wales and associated with the likes of Wilde and Whistler.