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Lillie: Emelie (S1EP1 ITV 24 Sep 1978, Anthony Head)



Emelie: Beautiful tomboy Emilie Le Breton prefers the name “Lillie”. Lillie’s fetching looks attract the attention of many men on the British Island of Jersy-even those who arrive by accident. After a disastrous visit to London, Lillie falls in love with a local fisherman with whom she has a bit too much in common. Soon afte the forbidden relationship, she accepts the marriage proposal of the wealthy Edward Langtry, a man who offers an escape from both her father and Jersey.

Regular Cast: Francesca Annis (Lillie Langtry), Anton Rodgers (Edward Langtry)

Guest Cast: Peggy Ann Wood (Mrs Le Breton), Adam Bareham (Clement Le Breton), Edgar Wreford (Lord Suffield), Maggie Bates (Lady Suffield), David Gwillim (Arthur Jones), Patrick Holt (Dean Le Breton), David Rintoul, Anthony Head, Simon Turner, Michael Hawkins, Hana Maria Pravda, Melanie Hughes, Clare Clifford, Christopher Brown, Robert Burbage, Helena Breck

Writer: David Butler / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 24 Sep 1978 on ITV

Series: Lillie Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Thirteen part period drama serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV. The life of actress Lillie Langtry, who had a scandalous affair with Edward, Prince of Wales and associated with the likes of Wilde and Whistler.