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Lillie: Sunset And Evening Star (S1EP12 ITV 10 Dec 1978, Joanna David)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sunset And Evening Star: Following the deaths of George Baird and Edward Langtry, Lillie moves to Regal Lodge in Newmarket, far from the scandal-loving London press hounds. There, with her mother and daughter Jeanne Marie, she feels safe. But her priceless jewel collection isn’t as secure. Most of Lillie’s uninsured gems are stolen, leaving her in financial straits. Lillie causes yet another wave of unwanted publicity when she announces her intention to marry Hugo de Bathe, an idle young aristocrat 20 years her junior. Meanwhile, daughter Jeanne learns the identity of her real father, and severs all ties with Lillie.

Regular Cast: Francesca Annis (Lillie Langtry)

Guest Cast: Denis Lill (Bertie), John Castle (Prince Louis of Battenberg), Joanna David (Jeanne Marie), James Warwick (Hugo De Bathe), Ann Firbank (Queen Alexandra), Peggy Ann Wood (Mrs Le Breton), Catherine Feller (Dominique), Adam Bareham (Clement Le Breton), John Barcroft (Francis Knollys), John Justin (Prince Paul Esterhazy), Paul Gregory (Ian Malcolm), Penelope Lee (Lady De Grey), Keith Varnier (King George V), David King (Sydney Grundy), Sheila Mitchell (Charlotte Knollys), David Allister (Edward Michael), Jill Simcox (Queen Mary), Elaine Wells, Deborah Watling, Roger Bizley, John Curless, Richard Kay

Writer: David Butler / Director: Tony Wharmby

Airdate: 10 Dec 1978 on ITV

Series: Lillie Season 1 Episode 12

Show Info: Thirteen part period drama serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV. The life of actress Lillie Langtry, who had a scandalous affair with Edward, Prince of Wales and associated with the likes of Wilde and Whistler.