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Lillie: The New Helen (S1EP4 ITV 15 Oct 1978, Denis Lill)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The New Helen: Althought Lillie hasn’t requited his attention, King Leopold of the Belgians, like many other men, is enthralled by Lillie’s charm and beauty. His daily early morning visists to her home abruptly conclude when his advances are flatly rejected. But will this royal snub stunt Lillie’s climb up Society’s ladder? A reception at the palatial home of Lord Suffield will answer the question without a doubt. With her place assured, Lillie goes about impressing another set of royals, who selct her for introduction to the Prince of Wales.

Regular Cast: Francesca Annis (Lillie Langtry), Anton Rodgers (Edward Langtry)

Guest Cast: Denis Lill (Bertie), Peter Egan (Oscar Wilde), Catherine Feller (Dominique), Jennie Linden (Patsy Cornwallis-West), Alex Scott (Sir Allen Young), Philip York (Moreton Frewen), Edgar Wreford (Lord Suffield), Don Fellows (J. M.Whistler), Brian Deacon (Frank Miles), Derek Smith (King Leopold), Debbie Farrington (Sally), David Dixon (Prince Leopold), Maggie Bates (Lady Suffield), Joanna Wake (Mrs Wheeler), Bruce Boa, Anne Godfrey, Jeffry Wickham

Writer: David Butler / Director: Christopher Hodson

Airdate: 15 Oct 1978 on ITV

Series: Lillie Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Thirteen part period drama serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV. The life of actress Lillie Langtry, who had a scandalous affair with Edward, Prince of Wales and associated with the likes of Wilde and Whistler.